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The Literacy Dive Podcast

Sep 12, 2022

Small group instruction is a big part of a teacher’s literacy block and being able to work with students on certain skills. But the question always seems to be, what different types of activities can I do with my students during that time, especially when working with texts? In today’s (100th 🥳) episode, I’m sharing how to keep students engaged by leveling up your small groups with reading responses. 

To help celebrate my 100th episode, I’m giving away a resource of mine for FREE! In order to receive your free resource, here are the steps.

  1. Take a screenshot of one of your favorite episodes from The Literacy Dive Podcast
  2. Share the episode on Instagram (through a post, reel, or story) and tag me @theliteracydive (that’s the most important part!)
  3. Once you do that, you have the opportunity to win a free resource that assists you with responding to reading
  4. Then, I’ll send you a DM with a Google Form that you will need to fill out (includes your Instagram handle and select the reading response resource you want)
  5. Finally, the form is reviewed and I’ll send you a link to the free download!

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