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The Literacy Dive Podcast

Sep 26, 2022

Throughout our school day, teachers face a variety of challenges from a variety of different components. Some of them we can control, but some of them we can’t. One of the challenges teachers face is teaching writing to students. Although we can’t control every aspect of our literacy block or the skills students come to us with, we can start to change their mindset to grow their skills. In today’s episode, I’m talking all about the challenges of teaching writing and how to overcome them.

First, these writing challenges aren’t new, but they have been impacted more due to the pandemic. Other skills may have taken precedence over writing, which explains why their writing skills are lacking. However, students’ writing skills aren't the only roadblock. Teachers are lacking support, guidance, and personal confidence when it comes to writing. Some may even be without a true writing curriculum in their schools or districts. 

While all of those components result in challenges of teaching writing, there are ways to overcome them and be successful. During the episode, I share several different ways to change the way you think about writing or how it’s incorporated throughout your day. Each idea is simple, yet effective, and shows the countless benefits writing has on your students. And spoiler alert, they don’t just apply to your students! I share ways that you, as the teacher, can overcome your own challenges to teaching writing. 

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