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The Literacy Dive Podcast

Jan 4, 2021

It’s a new year and time for reflection as a writing teacher! In today’s episode, I will be diving into a few writing tips to make you a more effective teacher which will make your students stronger, as well. It is important to practice what you preach. How many times has a student called your bluff? Not following through definitely impacts the effectiveness of your processes.


Tip 1: Show Up Everyday Excited and Enthused

Show up excited and enthused… even if you aren’t. Make writing time exciting - make it a BIG DEAL! There is power to your excitement; your students will feel your energy. 


Tip 2: Take Your Time and Model All Key Parts

Authors do not write their entire book in 15 minutes and say, “I’m done!” Students do not know the life of an author and what the process they go through looks like. As the teacher, you must show your students what this looks like. Your modeling is vital and so important. 


Tip 3: Be Consistent With Your Routines and Expectations

Whatever you expect your students to do, you are responsible for showing them how to do it. If there are certain steps or routines you want them to follow, consistency and showing the steps are necessary. Make it a habit. When you do not show up consistently or create a writing routine, students will lose their motivation and ability to perform and give their all.


Tip 4: Lower Your Expectations

Teachers really have to start lowering their expectations at what they want their students to do. This does not mean having zero expectations. So often, teachers want student writing to be fluid and matching that of an adult. It is important to focus on the growth piece and not perfectionism. You must keep in mind that your students are still very much in their early stages of being a writer. Celebrate growth, move slowly, and allow the process to happen at your students’ pace.


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