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The Literacy Dive Podcast

Jan 11, 2021

Returning back to school after a break takes some easing into. In this episode, learn 11 ways to make your writing block fresh and more engaging! These ideas will for sure spice up your writing time and keep your students having fun! Spiral these ideas throughout the year to gain a boost in your day!

The 11 ways to increase engagement during your writing block are:

Idea #1: Writing Materials

Idea #2: Student DJ

Idea #3: Flexible Seating Options

Idea #4: Writing Outdoors

Idea #5: Writer of the Week

Idea #6: Quick Writes

Idea #7: Free Write

Idea #8: Writing Choice Boards

Idea #9: Partner Writing

Idea #10: Classroom Book

Idea #11: Publishing Party

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