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The Literacy Dive Podcast

Feb 1, 2021

There are many benefits to having students write daily in the classroom. When I say "writing daily", I mean an intentional moment for writing. While I find opportunities to insert writing during every guided reading group, not all students are present during that small group time. Today, I will be diving into why I started implementing daily writing prompts into my classroom and the many positives of using them! I chat about how to help students understand what writing prompts are asking, what to do with writing prompts, when to incorporate them, and other helpful tips to get them up and running in your daily schedules.

Episode Highlights:

  • Writing prompts provide topic ideas or starting points for original writing to follow
  • The purpose of a writing prompt is to invite  students to think and develop a perspective about a topic... then students will write about it
  • Ask these 4 questions about the prompt before releasing students to write
  • The process of implementing writing prompts for maximum impact and effectiveness
  • Writing prompts are great to show the writing process, foundations, and fundamentals of writing
  • Learn 7 ways to incorporate writing prompts into your schedule
  • Ultimate Benefits: Writing prompts take the guesswork out of daily planning and ensure there are fresh ideas available each day for students; the prompts allow for student choice in a stress-free. non-threatening environment; they spark interest specifically when connected to National Days; daily writing prompts allow for a variety of genres to be spiraled consistently

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