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The Literacy Dive Podcast

May 10, 2021

Teachers, you’ve almost made it. The end of the year is so close! In all the excitement of summer break, there’s one thing that may cause some lingering concern. Summer slide. You and your students have worked so hard all year long and you know how important it is for them to continue practicing their skills over the summer. Doing so will set them up for success in the upcoming school year.


There are many thing you can do to ensure that parents are joining in and helping their child achieve their summer reading goals. Some key things to remember are to make it fun, let the parents know what you have planned, and celebrate what your student’s are doing during their break! I’ll show you how you can team up with your students and their parents before summer break even begins.


In this episode I share:

  • Benefits of having individual parent-teacher conferences at the end of the school year

  • How to continue school year routines over the summer at home

  • Ways to embed literacy practice in board games and other activities

  • The importance of discussing summer goals with your student


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