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The Literacy Dive Podcast

May 17, 2021

For students who are acquiring the English language, writing can be an extremely difficult and intimidating task. Today we’re talking all about how to bring down the fear of failure in ELL students. Our guest, Beth Vaucher, is an expert in this topic. She is sharing so many amazing tips that will help you provide the very best writing instruction not only for your ELLs, but for your whole class. We’ll discuss using tools such as sentence starters, picture prompts, word banks, collaborative journals, and graphic organizers. As Beth says, when we teach with ELLs in mind, all of our students win!


Beth Vaucher is passionate about empowering teachers to equip the English language learners in their classrooms.  As a homeroom teacher who is ESL certified, she has been paralyzed by all the demands and lack of support, but she's also broken through the barriers to see ELLs have tremendous success in reaching English fluency and wants to help others do the same thing. She has successfully worked with all levels of ELLs both in the US and Internationally, as well as sold a curriculum created to teach newcomers in over 70 countries worldwide.


In this episode we discuss:

-3 tips for writing with ELLs

-Breaking down goals to make tasks more approachable

-Simple ways to differentiate writing activities

-How to help students who struggle to generate ideas in their writing


Resources Mentioned:

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-Instagram: @inspiringyounglearners

-ELL Strategy Academy

-Writing Office resource

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