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The Literacy Dive Podcast

May 24, 2021

Let’s talk writing centers. Do you use them? If so, do you find them to be effective? Writing centers are such a powerful way to provide students with authentic and engaging writing experiences while also practicing important skills. Better yet, when set up intentionally, your writing center can run on autopilot with very little maintenance!


Today I’m answering all of your questions regarding writing centers such as, how do you set them up? How do you keep kids engaged? How do you keep it from looking like a hot mess? It’s not too late to perfect your writing center, even during the final weeks of school!


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In this episode I share:

-Tips that will make your writing center a success

-Storage ideas for writing center supplies 

-My favorite way to display resource materials

-What to do if your writing station becomes unorganized or neglected

-The importance of reflecting and making necessary changes


Resources mentioned:

-Writing Center Posters & Paper

-Monthly Writing Prompts

-Seasonal Literacy Sets

-Descriptive Writing Anchor Charts

-Writing Reference Helpers

-Writing Office

-The Literacy Dive Facebook Group


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