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The Literacy Dive Podcast

May 31, 2021

Welcome to the second episode in our summer Q&A series! This week we have a question from Marsha T. She asked - Can you give some insight into what free choice Friday entails? Ya’ll. Free Choice Friday is seriously my jam, so I am thrilled to answer this question today!


There’s a reason we say T.G.I.F. By the end of the week, you are ready for a much needed break. You’re thinking about closing out the current week while also planning for the next. Friday is about slowing down and catching your breath. It is totally possible to make your Fridays FUN without sacrificing learning time. This is a practice I’ve used in kindergarten, second, and fourth grade, so you can absolutely use Free Choice Friday in ANY grade.


Remember, send me a DM on Instagram @missps_style with your question! I’d love to answer it on the podcast!


In this episode I share 5 benefits of Implementing Free Choice Friday:

1. Student Choice

2. Time to allow for catch up work

3. Time to review data and pull strategy groups

4. It's a way to not start new content before a weekend

5. It gives YOU a break from the long week you just had!


Resourced mentioned:

-Episode 32, Diving Into Your Q&As: How Do You Set Up Effective Writing Centers?

-Small Group Notes Observation Tracker

-Reading Skills and Strategies Posters


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