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The Literacy Dive Podcast

Jun 7, 2021

Our question today comes from Tina L. Her question is, "My fourth graders have a hard time finishing the book by the end of our session together. What is one thing I can try to help with this?" Oh, how I love this question! This may surprise some of you but I recommend that you do not have your students finish their guided reading book in one sitting (or in some cases, ever at all). Tune in to find out why!


While there are some books that you’ll want to finish to support a specific reading strategy, you absolutely do not have to complete every single one! Today's tips will help your students truly enjoy the reading process without the rush and overwhelm.


In this episode I share:

-Why I don’t finish a guided reading book in one sitting

-Choosing the best course of action based on student need

-What to do if students finish tasks at different times

-Giving students the opportunity to abandon a book

-Benefits of repeating the same book for multiple sessions


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-Reading Response Stem Cards Bundle

-Reading Skills and Activities Bundle


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