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The Literacy Dive Podcast

Jun 14, 2021

Teachers, do you ever feel like there’s just not enough time to cover everything that your students are meant to learn throughout the year? Perhaps every time you look at your pacing guide, you think about how unrealistic it appears! I hear you. For quite some time this was me. While teaching, I constantly felt like I was running out of time to teach the required content and do it well. If you have the same concern, this episode is for you.


Today we’re diving into the question of “how do you find enough time to teach new or spiraled content? I feel like there is never enough time to actually cover the standards I’m supposed to"! The strategies I share today will hep to decrease your overwhelm so you can feel in control of your literacy block again.


In this episode I share:

-My favorite tips on teaching reading and writing standards even when you feel crunched for time.

-Why you should be revisiting familiar texts and writing prompts

-The transformation that takes place when you use the bite-sized approach

-The practice of embedding skills into routine work stations


Resources mentioned:

-Episode 23, Using Centers for Upper Elementary Kids


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