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The Literacy Dive Podcast

Jun 21, 2021

Teaching writing is tricky to say the least. It can feel very chaotic when our students are each in various places in their writing and all have different needs. On any given day, you may have students who are pages in while others are struggling to write their first sentence. If you are finding it difficult to teach writing, and be excited about it, you are most definitely not alone! My guest today, Jamie Sears, is here to help take the chaos out of writing workshop so that you can feel in control of your classroom again!


Jamie Sears is a fun-loving mom of 5 (soon to be 6), wife, entrepreneur, and forever a teacher at heart. After several years in the classroom, her passion to make learning fun and effective for students and teachers alike inspired her to start the Not So Wimpy Teacher. Now she has the honor of serving hundreds of thousands of teachers around the world by providing easy-to-use hands-on resources that help students to love learning and teachers to love teaching.


Check out Jamie's Not So Wimpy Writing Masterclass!


You can connect with Jamie on, on IG @notsowimpyteacher, on her YouTube channel [Not So Wimpy Teacher] or by joining one of her grade-level-specific teacher Facebook groups!


In this episode we discuss:

-Components of a super successful writing block

-The importance of keeping your mini-lessons MINI

-Problems that arise with the traditional writing workshop model

-How you can make writing workshop work regardless of how long your writing block is

-Simple and creative ways to get our kiddos excited about writing


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