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The Literacy Dive Podcast

Jul 5, 2021

Picture this: you are in the middle of a well prepared mini-lesson and it’s going great. When the time comes to start a written response, all of your students get started right away working on the exact same assignment and moving at the exact same pace. Hah! That would be nice, right? The reality is, it’s far more likely that you will have students at all different levels. The solution to this challenge is to differentiate your instruction. But how? 


This week’s question comes from Karina! Karina wrote, “I struggle with differentiating. I have some advanced fourth graders and others at a kindergarten level. How can I better differentiate to reach all of my students?”. Do you share Karina’s challenge? Today I’m diving into all things differentiation to give you new ideas and strategies to take back to your classroom.


In this episode I share:

-The very first thing to do when making a differentiation plan

-Celebrating each student’s growth throughout the year

-4 ways to implement differentiation when your students are grade levels apart

-My #1 favorite way to support students


Resources mentioned:

-Reading Graphic Organizers

-Reading Response Sentence Stem Anchor Charts

-Reading Response Stem Cards Bundle

-Reading Response Question Rings

-Episode 15, The Power of Sentence Stems


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