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The Literacy Dive Podcast

Jul 12, 2021

Today we have a question from Shelby! Shelby asks, “How do you help kids who just want to finish writing as fast as they can and do not want to add any details because of the time it takes?” Just like Shelby, we all have those students in our writing block who say “I’m done” before most kids even have their name on the paper! Few things are more frustrating than watching students who rush to get done without implementing the skills that you have worked so hard to teach!


I’m sharing 10 strategies to help with motivation and getting students taking their time when it comes to writing. These are tips that have helped my students look forward to writing time and shift from saying “I’m done” to “how can I make my writing better?”.  Are you ready to watch your writers grow and transform?


In this episode I share:

-Common reasons why students tend to rush through their work and how to fix it

-Focusing on small achievable writing goals

-How to use checklists to eliminate rushing and increase accountability

-Using a timer to set expectations

-Implementing frequent check-ins to eliminate behaviors before they even begin


Resources mentioned:

-Writing Process Charts and Checklists

-Writing Process and Writing VOICES Checklists

-Descriptive Writing Anchor Charts

-FREE Writing Choice Boards


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