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The Literacy Dive Podcast

Nov 9, 2020

Welcome back to The Literacy Dive! In this episode, I will be sharing 5 easy-to-implement, low prep (or no prep) literacy activities that can be done throughout this week leading up to World Kindness Day which is on November 13th! The great thing about these activities is that they can be done far beyond just this week. In fact, allowing your focus on kindness to extend throughout the year always keeps this idea fresh and top of mind with your students. You will be able to get into your classroom and try one of these simple activities out instantly!


Key Points:

  • Activity 1: Letter Writing (using a bubble map)
  • Activity 2: Creating a Kindness Book
  • Activity 3: Post Kindness (using sticky notes to share kindness)
  • Activity 4: Giving Compliments 
  • Activity 5: Sending Kindness (a community focus on kindness)


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