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The Literacy Dive Podcast

Jul 19, 2021

I have trouble with getting my students to sit for extended periods of time and accomplishing their goals. How do you help students increase their stamina when it comes to independent reading and writing? This question comes from Craig and I’ll bet many of you have the same one!


Here’s one thing I know for sure. Stamina takes time! So, give yourself and your students some grace. Tune in to hear my favorite strategies that I have used with students in second through fifth grade. Whether you implement these at the very beginning of the year, or the middle of the year, they will  help students succeed in increasing their stamina over time!


In this episode I share:

-How important it is to take the time to establish systems and expectations

-How to tap into student’s interests to increase buy-in

-Incorporating various media types into independent reading and writing time

-Why peer collaboration can help students stay on task longer

-Using a visual timer, choice boards, and stamina graphs to support students in reaching their goals


Resources Mentioned:

-Writing Genre Posters

-Daily Writing Prompts

-Free Reading and Writing Choice Boards

-Online Stopwatch


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