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The Literacy Dive Podcast

Jul 26, 2021

True story - small groups are 100% my teaching love language! So when Emily asked, “What are some of your favorite small group must-haves?” I jumped at the opportunity to share. While I can’t list EVERYTHING, I’m going to list my 15 most-loved small group staples. I bet you won’t be surprised to hear that sticky notes are on this list, but what about a laser pointer?! These items can all be found on Amazon or at your local Target/Dollar Tree.


As with any supply list, don’t let this overwhelm you. If you’re new to using tools in small groups, start slow. Choose a few items to begin! Slowly begin to implement materials, gauge the student response, and go from there! Have fun building your unique small group toolbox this year and let me know which items are your favorite by sending me a DM on Instagram @theliteracydive.


In this episode I share:

-My top small group tools and how to use them

-Which items to use for decoding texts and responding to reading

-Creative ways to hold student’s attention during small group

-How to organize your tools to save time and space




Resources Mentioned:

-Guided Reading Calculator

-FREE Running Record Cheat Sheet

-Guided Reading Strip Overlays

-Dry Erase Pockets

-Mini Magnetic Dry Erase Boards

-Students Response Cards

-Reading Choice Boards (use a dice) 

-Whisper Phones

-Reading Reference Helpers

-Observation Tracker Sheets

-Laser Pointer

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