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The Literacy Dive Podcast

Sep 6, 2021

Today’s episode is about a topic that has taken over the world of education and is probably the focus of most of your staff meetings. If you guessed this episode would be about higher order thinking then you’d be correct! Lucky for you, the strategies I will talk about today are ones that you can put into practice as soon as tomorrow!

Some of my suggestions may be exactly what you try not to do during your reading block, and believe me I’ve been there. If you’re a teacher who dismisses student questions due to lack of time or otherwise, I feel you. It sometimes feels like there’s not enough time in a day, but in order to get students to think critically there must be opportunities for them to do so. Whether you make a small change or decide to incorporate something creative into your classroom I’d love to hear about your success!

In today's episode I share:

-A brief overview of what higher order thinking looks like
-7 teaching strategies to enhance higher order thinking skills
-Examples of how to present strategies in your classroom
-Simple changes you can use to enhance your student’s higher order thinking


Resources Mentioned:

-Graphic Organizers

-Higher-Order Thinking Question Cards

-Episode 24: Six Ways to Teach Visualization to Readers

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