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The Literacy Dive Podcast

Sep 20, 2021

Have you been searching for ways to assess your student’s understanding of your lessons? An easy way to do this is by using exit tickets. Contrary to what some people may think, exit tickets are not tests, but definitely are a way to measure your student’s comprehension of that day’s topic. Exit tickets may look different each day, but if used correctly they can be a driving force for your curriculum.

Exit tickets can support data-driven instruction by providing information on where students are performing and what modifications need to be made. Let’s be honest, "data-driven instruction" is one of the most important phrases in education today. Not only will you impress your administration, but you’ll also be able to use this information to differentiate instruction to your students. As I always say, it’s better to have too much data than not enough data!


In this episode I share:

-8 reasons to incorporate exit tickets into your classroom

-The components of a good exit ticket

-How to use exit tickets to differentiate instruction

-Ways to increase motivation and participation

Resources Mentioned:

-Reading Response Bookmarks

-Reading Response Sticky Notes

-Reading Response Graphic Organizers

-Reading Response Stem Cards

-Small-Group Data Trackers

-Sticky Notes Resource Bundle

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