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The Literacy Dive Podcast

Oct 18, 2021

There’s a good chance that your students have heard the term “context clues” before. But do they actually know what it means? Are they really able to apply strategies to figure out the meaning of unknown words? In my experience, using context clues is one of those skills that students are aware of, but struggle to implement independently.

Today I’m sharing several different types of context clues strategies that you can intentionally teach to your students. My best advice is to not only teach these strategies in your lessons, but to also find other opportunities throughout your day where you can decipher unknown words. This could be during read alouds, while watching a video, or in everyday conversation.

Practice these strategies with your students whenever possible, so that when they come across tricky words during independent reading they will not only have strategies in place, but be able to use them effectively and independently!

In this episode I share:

-Examples of how to teach the various context clues strategies

-The importance of background knowledge in relation to context clues

-The “why” behind using pictures and other visuals to help with meaning

-How to embed and model context clues strategies throughout your day


Resources mentioned:

-Context Clues FREEBIE

-Context Clues Mini-Lesson

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