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The Literacy Dive Podcast

Nov 16, 2020

Welcome back to The Literacy Dive! Writing is hard. Are your students feeling defeated from time-to-time in actually seeing their writing growth? Do you need new ideas for celebrating student growth and keeping student momentum going when it comes to writing? In this episode, I will share systems to use student writing samples as a way to empower them and continue their writing growth. No matter how far into the school year you are, it is not too late to begin these practices! 


Key Points:

  • Keep 3-4 student samples (beginning of the year, Nov/Dec., March, end of the year)
  • Option 1: Consider adding student samples to their writing folder in sheet protectors; this writing stays with them all year long as a reminder of growth
  • Option 2: Involve parents by sending copies of the samples home with report cards; this celebrates writing progression and parents gain insight from the visual growth
  • Option 3: Keep writing samples on file separated by each student; keep this easily accessible to pull during writing conferences or when you want to celebrate student growth
  • Option 4: Class display board; celebrate frequent writing samples and students begin understanding the importance of writing for an audience
  • Every student is a writer and every student will show growth


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