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The Literacy Dive Podcast

Dec 6, 2021

Last week I started my three-part series about how to keep your students engaged during the holiday season. I decided to expand on those holiday literacy ideas by giving you three more ways to keep your students on task. As always, these ideas are simple and can be put into practice the very day you listen to this episode.

We all know one way to keep students interested in our lessons is to avoid standing in the front of the class and expecting them to listen. These ideas are far from that! My suggestions not only provide students with the opportunity to interact with peers, but also members of the community. There will be no lack of interest once you introduce your students to these interactive activities!

In this episode I share:
-3 ideas for keeping students engaged during the holiday season
-Different ways to have students share their perspectives
-Suggestions for different ways to access holiday stories
-Activities that will connect your students with members of the community


Resources Mentioned:

-Writing Center Posters and Writing Paper Templates

-Christmas Writing Choice Board Activities

-December Writing Prompts

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