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The Literacy Dive Podcast

Sep 5, 2022

Small group instruction is an important and necessary part of your day. It’s a great opportunity to reteach and practice a variety of reading skills with a smaller group of students. I thought I had mastered small group instruction, until I accidentally stopped what I had planned, and it worked out for the better! So in today’s episode, I’m sharing 3 things to stop doing during small groups. 

During our small groups, we have goals and skills we want our students to accomplish during that instruction time. It was amazing to me, that when I stopped doing these 3 things, it was more beneficial for my students! Not only did I see more growth, but I also saw an excitement amongst my students as readers. 

The 3 things to stop doing during small groups are stop reading a text only one time through, stop making students read silently during that time, and stop finishing every book you bring to the small group table. After each of these suggestions, I explain the many benefits to not doing these during your small groups.

These 3 suggestions aren’t meant to criticize the way you run your small group instruction, but to give you a new perspective on practices that are helpful for your students. When you stop doing those 3 things during small groups, not only will you feel less stressed, but your students will start excelling in the area of literacy skills.

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